Current dictionaries from Oxford

Our current English and bilingual dictionaries offer the most up-to-date definitions, translations, usage advice, and practical help with writing and using English and other languages.

English dictionaries and thesauruses

The range includes dictionaries and thesauruses for students at college and university, dictionaries for family reference, and dictionaries and reference for use at work. The world-famous Concise Oxford English Dictionary, now in its twelfth edition, has been in print for more than 100 years, and is still one of the bestselling dictionaries. Our thesauruses contain thousands of synonyms and antonyms carefully organized to ensure you choose the right word every time – and we also have combined dictionary-and-thesauruses for quick reference. 


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Our dictionaries are also available as a range of mobile applications.’s Quick Search app provides you with free access to the same dictionary content via a simple and quick-loading interface (requires a network connection). This free app means that content is available to you wherever you are from your mobile device. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms via your app store.


If you want an integrated app which will work on and offline, then Oxford Dictionaries content is available in a range of apps from our publishing partners.

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Bilingual dictionaries

Language matters. And today, our passion for language and communication extends well beyond English. Oxford publishes dictionaries in more than 40 languages, from modern European languages to classical languages, as well as languages from around the world, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Gujarati, and Swahili.


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Our publishing partners also produce a range of bilingual dictionary mobile apps. Find out more about which languages are currently available here.


Electronic publishing

As well as our core dictionary apps, Oxford content is available in an increasing number of formats and devices. 

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