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With a passion for the evolution and teaching of language, Oxford University Press offers a wide array of language resources for people all over the world.  Whether you are a student, a professional, a language explorer, a learner, or simply in love with language, OUP has the product for you. 

Our range of current dictionaries

We publish an extensive range of dictionaries to meet the changing needs of all language users. The range includes English and bilingual dictionaries and thesauruses for students at college and university, dictionaries for family reference, and dictionaries and reference for use at work.

As well as being available on OxfordDictionaries.com, our dictionaries are published in print, on CD-ROM, and as apps for mobile and tablet devices.

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The Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford is the proud home of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the definitive record of the English language from 1000 AD to the present day.

The OED started life more than 150 years ago and is continually being revised and updated to reflect new scholarship about the history of the language, as well as the changing face of English today. Each update to the OED subtly adjusts our image of the English language and our understanding of its ongoing development. The OED is an unsurpassed guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words – past and present – from across the English-speaking world, gathering three million quotations from more than 1,000 years of English.

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Grammar and writing

We publish a wide-range of bestselling books and resources on grammar, usage, and writing skills to help teachers, students, professionals and anyone wanting to communicate clearly in the English language.

Compiled by experts and drawing on Oxford’s prestigious dictionaries and language research programme, these resources are designed for practical use and updated to reflect current language use.

We have been publishing guides in this area for more than 100 years and are recognized throughout the world as the trusted name for English language reference.


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Oxford School Dictionaries

We offer a complete range of texts aimed at young users aged 4 to 16. Content is carefully graded for different ages, and is rigorously tested in the classroom to meet the demands of the school curriculum. Compilation is backed by a specially developed children’s corpus as part of OUP’s ongoing language research programme, which ensures we reflect the real language children read and use today. Oxford University Press is the leading educational and school dictionary publisher, renowned for the quality and accessibility of its publications.

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Dictionaries for learners of English

We publish a range of dictionaries for learners of English as a foreign language, providing learners with the help and support they need to master the language. Our range includes the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD), the world’s leading learner’s dictionary.

Originally created by the visionary English language teacher A.S. Hornby and first published in 1948, the OALD, now in its eighth edition, has sold more than 37 million copies worldwide. Teachers and students around the world praise OALD for the unrivalled role it plays in their educational experience and for the extraordinary effect it has on their English language skills.

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