Help with premium resources

If you have an English Gold subscription, you will be able to search and browse the following premium resources:

New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style Guide

Pocket Fowler’s Modern English Usage

Garner’s Modern American Usage

Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage

New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors

You can access these premium resources as follows:

  • Via the ‘Premium resources’ link in the site header.

  • By selecting the relevant resource in the drop-down menu, and searching for entries.

Questions about content

Where is the ‘For writers and editors’ section?

We have streamlined the navigation, integrating the resources on the site so that they are all available from the main search box, or via the Premium resources link in the header.


Where is the New Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors?

We have had to remove the New Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors from the site. The vast majority of entries in this dictionary are covered in the other dictionaries that are available as part of an English Gold subscription.

Where is the ‘My Oxford Dictionary’ link?

In order to improve its functionality, we have had to suspend the ‘My Oxford Dictionary’ feature. We plan to develop functionality for storing word lists in the future, but as we do not store the email addresses and passwords associated with ‘My Oxford Dictionary’ on the Oxford Dictionaries site, we regret that you will no longer be able to access your stored wordlists and searches.


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