Three-letter words containing x or z

axe variant spelling of ax
biz business
box a container
coz archaic a cousin
cox the person who steers a rowing boat
dux Scottish a top pupil at school
dzo a crossbreed of a cow and a yak
fax an electronic copy of a document
fez a type of hat
fix to attach or repair
fox an animal
hex to cast a spell on someone
kex cow parsley
lax not strict or careful enough
lox smoked salmon
lux a unit of illumination
max maximum
Mex Mexican
mix to blend or combine
nix nothing
pax a call for a truce
pix pictures
pox a disease
pyx a container for Communion bread
Rex the reigning king
sax a saxophone
saz a kind of lute
sex being male or female
six the number
tax money paid to a government
tux a tuxedo
Uzi a type of sub-machine gun
vex to annoy
vox vocals; voice
wax substance used to make candles etc.
wiz = whiz
zag a sharp change of direction
zap to destroy
zed Brit. the letter Z
zee the letter Z
Zen a type of Buddhism
zig a sharp change of direction
zip a fastener
zit a pimple
zol S. African a hand-rolled cigarette
zoo a place where wild animals are kept

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