Words ending in -ency and -ancy

These endings, like -ance and -ence, are also used to form nouns, and they behave very much like -ance and -ence. For example:

  • Nouns made from verbs ending in -ate have the spelling -ancy. For example: hesitancy (from hesitate) or vacancy (from vacate)
  • Nouns with a soft c or g before the ending are spelled -ency. For example: complacency or emergency.

Here are some common nouns ending in -ancy:

discrepancy; infancy; redundancy; expectancy; militancy; tenancy; occupancy; consultancy; pregnancy; ascendancy; accountancy; truancy; buoyancy; inconstancy.

These are some common ones that end with -ency:

agency; currency; fluency; sufficiency; decency; frequency; tendency; consistency; efficiency; urgency; leniency; transparency; proficiency; constituency.

Grammar and usage