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Welcome to Oxford Dictionaries! Oxford Dictionaries has been working with Countdown for many years now and we’d like to give you, the show’s viewers, a little something extra.  A veritable Dictionary Corner, this page will be regularly updated with games, quizzes, and interesting articles, and what’s more you can access our free online dictionaries and thesaurus.

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Susie Dent: What made the Crocodile Cry?

Why do we ‘bury the hatchet’? Why does something ‘cut the mustard’? Where did the question mark come from? Susie Dent answers 101 of the most intriguing questions about the English language, from word origins and spelling to grammar and usage. Find out these answers and many more in this fascinating compendium. If this piqued your interest why not take a look at some fascinating extracts from the book.

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