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At Oxford, we are passionate about making dictionary content available wherever it’s needed and in the widest possible number of formats, devices, services, and applications. As well as making our own products and applications, we partner with technology companies and developers to integrate digital dictionary content into their services, platforms, and operating systems, putting Oxford dictionaries at the heart of digital communication throughout the globe. Here you will find information on a range of products currently available. 

Oxford Global Language Solutions

As technology companies expand and deliver localized services in many different parts of the world, they need high-quality dictionary content in different languages. Through more than 30 partnerships with publishers throughout the world, we have added dozens of languages and many datasets to our licensing portfolio, from Hungarian and Polish to Korean and Vietnamese. Our global perspective and experience in handling complex language data mean these companies increasingly come to Oxford for a single solution to all their language needs. Through our mission – to improve communication through our passion for language – we bring together the world’s premier dictionary makers with the foremost technology companies.

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Oxford Dictionaries Quick Search is a simple, easy-to-use app that allows you to access a wealth of words from OxfordDictionaries.com. It is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This app currently requires a data connection to access all content. Contact us for technical support on this app.

There are also a number of Oxford Dictionaries and Thesauruses available as apps for mobile and other devices. These apps are created by our trusted partners, using Oxford’s quality content. 

Contact Mobile Systems for support on these apps or email support@mobisystems.com

For support on the Wordflex Touch Dictionary and Wordflex Touch Dictionary 2.0 for iPad please contact Schematix or email info@schematix.com.

Browse full list of Oxford Dictionary apps currently available for iOS & Android. 

For more information check our Apps FAQ.

E-reader devices

The Oxford Dictionary of English or New Oxford American Dictionary are integrated as standard in Amazon Kindle devices in English-speaking territories.

ReaderTM from Sony also have the following Oxford Dictionaries integrated within them: Oxford Dictionary of EnglishNew Oxford American DictionaryOxford-Hachette French DictionaryOxford Spanish Dictionary, and the Oxford Russian Dictionary. The dictionary integrated on the device varies depending on the model of ReaderTM from Sony and the territory in which they are sold. Please refer to Sony product information for details.

For more information on our ebook suppliers please visit our website

Handheld devices

Oxford University Press has worked with licensing and development partners to produce a range of other products and devices using Oxford Dictionaries content, ranging from crossword solvers to reading pens. For more information on the range of devices available visit the links to our partners listed below.

CanonCasio  |  SeikoSharpC-Pen

If you are interested in licensing our products please visit the OUP licensing contacts page for more details and to download our licensing questionnaire.


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