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Help with Oxford Dictionaries games

What games are available on Oxford Dictionaries?

The Oxford Dictionaries site offers an interactive Spelling Challenge, Apostrophe Challenge, and a Spanish vocabulary quiz (available on all Spanish dictionary entries).


We also offer a host of interactive features and quizzes:


What’s your OED birthday word?

Which Jane Austen character are you?

What kind of writer are you?       

How Shakespearean are you?

Book quiz: Can you recognize these classic last lines?


Where are the other games that used to be on the site?

In order to make improvements to our puzzles and games section, we have removed some of the older games and solvers, particularly those that required plugins to function. We hope that you enjoy the quality and variety of the remaining games and quizzes. To find out when we add new games and quizzes to the site, please register with us and sign up for our regular newsletter

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