How to use Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic

How do I search in Arabic?

Choose the Arabic-English dictionary in the dropdown panel.

using the arabic dictionary

Then you can enter Arabic with your keyboard, or if you don’t have access to an Arabic keyboard, you can click on the keyboard icon on the right of the search box, and a clickable Arabic keyboard will fold out:

Arabic keyboard

You can enter any Arabic word with or without vowels. Arabic words are usually written without vowels, meaning that many words can be ambiguous out of context. If you’re not sure exactly what word you’re looking for, you can enter any string of Arabic characters and our analyser will help you find the right word.

For example, if you are unsure of the meaning of a word like ولست, you can enter it in the search box:

Arabic search box

Click SEARCH or Enter on your keyboard, and the analyser will tell you which possible Arabic words it could come from:

Arabic disambig

Clicking the word or its short translation will take you to the full entry, and by clicking the + you can find out more about the structure of the word.

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