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Renewal help for Oxford Dictionaries Pro subscribers

If you have an existing Oxford Dictionaries Pro account for which you’ve paid by credit or debit card, your subscription will not be automatically renewed.

To continue your subscription, you will need to log in on the Oxford Dictionaries site with your Oxford Dictionaries Pro username and password, and then set up a new payment via PayPal, as though it were a new subscription.  On the newly redesigned site, you can choose between a Silver and a Gold subscription. Your Oxford Dictionaries Pro subscription is most similar to a Gold subscription.

  • An English Silver subscription gives you ad-free browsing and access to 1.9 million extra examples – perfect for enhancing your written and spoken English.
  • An English Gold subscription includes all the resources available in a Silver subscription, plus New Hart’s RulesPocket Fowler’s Modern English Usage / Garner’s Modern American UsageNew Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, and Garner’s Dictionary of Legal Usage – ideal for those who work with English regularly.

You can compare the subscription levels here.

You can sign up for a subscription at any time, but for uninterrupted access to all the premium resources from Oxford Dictionaries, sign up before the end of your subscription.

If you experience problems with signing up, please visit our subscription help pages. If this doesn’t solve your problems, please contact us.

Automatic renewal

Once you have set up your subscription, it will renew automatically every month or year (depending on your subscription type) until you cancel your subscription.


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