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Oxford Dictionaries subscriptions has lots to offer for free. But to enjoy ad-free browsing and additional language resources, you can upgrade today.

Frequently asked questions

What subscription do I have?

Once you’ve logged in to Oxford Dictionaries, visit your account page, and scroll to ‘Your subscription’. This will show whether you have a free subscription, an Oxford Dictionaries | English Silver or Gold subscription, or a subscription to Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic.

What is available for free?

What is a Silver subscription?

What is a Gold subscription?

What is an Oxford Dictionaries | Arabic subscription?

I had an Oxford Dictionaries Pro subscription. What has changed?

If you currently have an Oxford Dictionaries Pro subscription, you will now automatically have an Oxford Dictionaries Gold subscription – our top English subscription tier. Your Gold subscription is for the same length of time as your existing Pro subscription, and gives you access to the same content as your Oxford Dictionaries Pro subscription did, but with many improvements in speed and accessibility, as well as integrated, ad-free access to extra resources in the Oxford Dictionaries hub.

Learn more about the changes

Find your way around the redesigned site and access your Oxford Dictionaries Pro content

How much is a subscription to Oxford Dictionaries?

Our new monthly subscriptions and additional subscription tiers mean more content for less money. View Oxford Dictionaries subscription options.

More subscription help

Setting up an Oxford Dictionaries account

Upgrading your subscription

Renewing your subscription

Cancelling your subscription

Payment queries

Managing your email subscriptions

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