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Help with upgrading your account

An Oxford Dictionaries Silver subscription gives you advertisement-free browsing and nearly 2 million extra example sentences. You can also upgrade to a Gold subscription for extra language resources.

Compare free, Silver, and Gold subscriptions here


How do I upgrade?

You can upgrade from a free subscription to a Silver or Gold subscription, or upgrade from a Silver to a Gold subscription at any time – just click on ‘sign up’ at the bottom of the subscription page.


What happens to my existing Silver subscription when I upgrade to Gold?

If you upgrade your subscription from Silver to Gold, you will immediately get access to your new Gold subscription content. Any unused fees you have already paid for your Silver access will be used to extend the length of your Gold subscription. This means that you will not lose out on unused Silver access. This will be shown on your new PayPal email receipt as a “trial period”.


How do I see which subscription I currently have?

Once you’ve logged in to Oxford Dictionaries, visit your account page, and scroll to ‘Your subscription’. This will show whether you have a free subscription, Silver subscription, or Gold subscription.


What is a Silver subscription?

What is a Gold subscription?

Upgrade today


If you experience problems with upgrading your account, please visit our subscription help pages. If this doesn’t solve your problems, please contact us

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