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August 2015

The latest update to Oxford Dictionaries sees almost 1,000 new words, phrases, and senses enter our English dictionary, including cat café, manspreading, and Grexit.

Additions this quarter include slang terms such as nuff said, mic drop, and awesomesauce. Many examples of internet and gaming vocabulary have been added, including YouTuber, Redditor, and pwn.

Several fanciful words relating to food and drink have also entered the dictionary. Among these are beer o’clock and wine o’clock, as well as hangry and cakeage. As always, our update sees the inclusion of many topical terms, from Grexit and Brexit to Mx.

Read more about the new words in the August 2015 update, and find out how well you know our new words in our quiz.

May 2015

The May quarterly update sees many words and phrases enter the English dictionary on, including many from Australian English.

New words that have been added include slang terms like bae, brain fade, and lamestream. There have also been many new additions from the world of social media and technology, including concern troll, selfie stick, cyberwarrior, upvote, and downvote.

Many additions to in this update come from Australian English. Among these words are abbreviations such as irritsfishochalkie, and vego, and phrases like a fair cow, dingo's breakfast, and as happy as a bastard on Father's Day. 

This update has also seen significant numbers of new words added to our Portuguese and Arabic dictionaries.

Read more about the new words in the May 2015 update, and the Australian words and phrases that have been added.

February 2015

The February quarterly update sees hundreds of new phrases enter, including vishing, unboxing, and janky.

Many examples of winter sports vocabulary are among the additions, including McTwist, skimo, empty-netter, super-G, superpipe, and wrister.

Appropriately, given the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy, an heir and a spare is also added, as are scientific and technological terms such as bioprinting, optogenetics, and data scientist.

Read more about the new words in the February 2015 update.

December 2014

The final quarterly update of 2014 sees a wide range of interesting new words enter, including duck-face, lolcat, and al desko.

As usual, popular culture and slang have proved popular sources of new words, including hawt, xlnt, and man crush. We have also added several acronyms, such as IDC (I don’t care), PMSL (p—ing myself laughing), and, with reference to cycling, MAMIL (middle-aged man in Lycra).

Gaming has provided words including respawn and permadeath, while food and drink is represented by such words as arancini, queso, and izakaya, as well as – more flippantly – the five-second rule.

Read more about the new words in the December 2014 update.

August 2014

The August quarterly update sees a wide range of words enter the English dictionary on From humblebrag to subtweet and binge-watch to acquihire, there are new words for everyone.

Popular culture has once again given us many new slang words, including amazeballs, air punch, and spit take. We have also added several acronyms, such as SMH (shaking my head), ICYMI, and YOLO.

There are plenty of compliments and insults in this update, from adorbs to hench and hot mess to neckbeard. For the tech-savvy, we have Deep Web and pharmacovigilance alongside listicle, clickbait, and quadcopter. WDYT?

Read more about the new words in the August 2014 update.

August also sees the launch of our new Arabic dictionary, which is the first of its kind to be developed based on real modern usage of Modern Standard Arabic and English. With a groundbreaking search tool that can recognize Arabic words with and without vowels, the dictionary is designed for users of both English and Arabic. New articles, quizzes, and grammar tips have also been added to Oxford Dictionaries to help you understand how Arabic and English are used today.

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May 2014

May’s quarterly update sees another wide range of words enter Oxford Dictionaries, including cryptocurrency, perf, and a very new type of ship.

The world of cycling has proved popular in our update, giving the words bikeable, sportive, audax, and gran fondo, while food and eating have provided the words snacky, omakase, and white pizza.

We’ve also added several slang words and senses, including time suck and new senses of thing, crazy, and slash.

Our latest update to the Spanish dictionary has seen a selection of new words, translations, and senses added to the dictionary. The words originate in a range of spheres from technology (barra de direcciones, muro de pago, pizarrón interactivo) and science (alelo, biogenérico, TEA) to developments in economics and in working life (coubicación, doble recesión, microfinanzas) and also in the way we socialize (citas en línea, retwittear, tomador social).

Read more about the new words in the May 2014 update.

February 2014

February’s quarterly update sees a wide range of new words, definitions, and senses added to Oxford Dictionaries including death stare, shvitz, and to gin someone up.

Technology and the internet is as popular as ever in providing new words, from lock screen and headcam to cyberespionage and commenting on sites below the line.

We’ve also added words from the worlds of music (beat-match), astronomy (protoplanet), and food (branzino, cranachan, food coma).

November 2013

November’s quarterly update sees a wide range of words enter Oxford Dictionaries Online. Whether you are about to spend silly money to go on vacay, or have spent up on merch and will be at home listening to a slow jam, you will find something to interest you in our latest update.

From the world of technology high definition, live-stream, and iOS are now featured, as well as terms refollow, resubscribe, and hackable.

We’ve also added words from the world of food and drink, such as house-made, in addition to environmental and genetic developments including frack and gene doping.

August 2013

A wide range of words and senses have been added to Oxford Dictionaries Online in the latest update, including phablet, srsly, and digital detox.

Technology remains a catalyst for emerging words and is reflected in the new entries including MOOC, bitcoin, Internet of things, BYOD, and hackerspace. Several fashion terms also make their Oxford dictionary debut this season from double denim to geek chic.

The linguistic influence of the world of gastronomy can also be seen in the new entries, which include cake pops, blondies, and guac.

Read more about the new words in the August 2013 update

May 2013

The latest update to Oxford Dictionaries Online includes a wide variety of words and phrases from the worlds of food, technology, and medicine. Whether you prefer streaky bacon or Canadian bacon with your eggy bread or perhaps a California roll to a Monte Cristo, foodies should find something to interest them this May. Updates around medicine and the body include entries for hyperemesis, metabolic rate, and parasomnia.

We’ve also added a number of words relating to changes in technology (soft launch, HDMI, OLED, screencap, and zero day) and the wider environment (ash dieback and shale gas).

February 2013

The latest update to Oxford Dictionaries Online reflects the continued influence of contemporary culture and social media on the English language, with newly added words in these categories including gossip mill, friend zone, tweetable, and social sharing. The language of technology has also influenced this update, with cruft, dumbphone, touchless, SSD, and FOSS all included.

It is an exciting time for sport and a number of words in our update have been inspired by recent sporting events, with Olympic flame, Olympic torch, and torch relay all added to Oxford Dictionaries Online. Sportspersons represented in this update are tennis rivals Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal, as well as cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Words in the category of food and drink are also well represented in this update, and include appletini, burrata, flexitarian, and tray bake.

Read more about the new words in the February 2013 update.

November 2012

November’s quarterly update sees words from the worlds of technology, social culture, and finance debuting on Oxford Dictionaries Online.

Social terms recognized include bezzie, boyf, deets, First World problem, and stressy whilst technology brings us chatbot, forumite, and the recently launched LTE and 4G mobile networks. The continuing impact of the financial world can be seen in the addition of debt trap, payday loan, and payday lender.

August 2012 update

The August quarterly update includes the addition of a number of terms inspired by contemporary culture, including ridic, group hug, vote (someone or something) off the island, and date night.

The world of technology also remains a major influence on the English language, with innovative advances reflected in new entries including ethical hacker, 3D printing, and e-learning. Social media also continues to shape language evolution: tweeps, video chat,lifecasting, and hat tip are among the latest words to make their Oxford Dictionaries debut, while acronyms regularly used online (from lulz to DW and UX) have also been recognized.

Read about the new words in the August 2012 update.

PLUS: New edition of the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus

Superfly (stylish), boo (boyfriend), and skookum house (prison) are just some of the 1,000 new synonyms added to Oxford Dictionaries in the August 2012 update, with the addition of the third edition of the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus. A further 50 new thesaurus headwords have been added, from anti-war to politically correct, as well as hundreds of new features including usage notes, word reflections, and quotations.

Read David Foster Wallace's reflection on the term 'all of' in the Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus.

New in July 2012

We’ve added bilingual dictionaries for French, German, Italian, and Spanish to the Oxford Dictionaries site.

  • Find accurate, up-to-date translations for thousands of common words, phrases, and idioms
  • Explore French, German, Italian, and Spanish vocabulary – from the everyday to the language of computing and technology, health and lifestyle, and much more

Try it now! Look up access and digital in English, mieux and bibliothèque in French, die Servolenkung and der Doppelklick in German, bisettimanale and ambiente in Italian, or caminar and reciclado in Spanish.

May 2012 update

The latest update to Oxford Dictionaries Online sees a wide variety of words added to our dictionary, from aptonym to whatevs. Whether you are a sports fan who hopes to one day win the scudetto, or a fashionista debating whether to buy a onesie or a bandage dress, we're sure you'll find something to interest you.

We’ve also added words from the world of finance and banking (Robin Hood tax, debt ceiling, sovereign debt), computing (ransomware, geodata), and the environment (green technology, eco-driving, water footprint) to ensure you always have the most current definitions at your fingertips.

Read our blog post to learn more …

February 2012 update

Calling all fashionistas – new words added to Oxford Dictionaries Online include boy shorts, shootie, and hobo bag. Gaming also plays a big role in the latest update, with gamification, ludology, and social gaming all featuring. Or perhaps you prefer to step away from the computer screen and indulge in some LARPing?

Learn more about the new words, from cyberchondriac to scratchiti, on the OxfordWords blog.

November 2011 update

From flame war and bloggy to slacktivism and crowdfunding, we've added a whole host of barbecue-stoppers to our online dictionary.

Influences include this year's momentous events, including Arab Spring and phone hacking, as well as the ongoing concern for the environment (carbon debt, precycling, and eco-activist). And with new hobbies and activities, such as wild swimming and cage diving, also featuring, there should be something for everyone in the new additions.

Learn more about the new words on the OxfordWords blog

August 2011 update

Whether you are indulging in a caprese, grilled meat with chimichurri, or gado gado, you’ll be pleased to hear that all of these food words have made it into this update. You can wash these delicious dishes down with a long black – unless a fat tax is introduced on any of these, which might make becoming a junketeer a more attractive option… Or if instead you want to become a social entrepreneur and solve problems such as water poverty, make sure you don’t make any fat finger mistakes when you are doing your e-banking, or you will find yourself doing a facepalm.

Read more about the update on the OxfordWords blog

May 2011 update

We've managed to spare a few femtoseconds in our busy schedule to add some schmick new words to Oxford Dictionaries Online. Whether you enjoy crafting, free running, or just surfing the Internet on your lappy, you're sure to find something to interest you amongst the new additions.

The world of computers and social networking continues to be a major influence on the English language, with the introduction of badware, and social graph into our dictionary. Fashion and relationships also play an important role with bridezilla, mani-pedi, and bestie all being added in this update.

Read more about the update on the OxfordWords blog

February 2011 update

The most recent update to Oxford Dictionaries Online saw lots of bloggable words added to the dictionary from babycino to silent disco.

There are plenty of words for onliners, with clickjacking, cybersecurity, and bounce rate included in the new additions. Foodies are also in for a treat with kleftiko, banh mi, chermoula, and gremolata all featuring.

There are also lots of new abbreviations from TBH to PPC, and some wonderfully evocative onomatopoeic terms including fnarr fnarr and nom nom.

November 2010 update

The November update to our website saw a wide selection of new words and phrases added to Oxford Dictionaries Online, from bajillion to glamping.

The new additions include terms from the world of politics (alternative vote, dog whistle), fashion (jeggings), food and drink (flat white, slow food) and much more ...