Words of up to eight letters beginning with x

Words of up to eight letters beginning with> x

xanthan a polysaccharide
xanthate a chemical compound
xanthene a chemical compound
Xanthian from Xanthus
xanthic yellowish
xanthin a yellow colouring matter
xanthine a biochemical compound
xanthoma a yellow patch on the skin
xebec a sailing ship
xeme a fork-tailed gull
xenia gifts to a guest or guests
xenial relating to hospitality
xenogamy type of flower fertilization
xenolith piece of rock brought in from another area
xenology the study of alien biology
xenon a gaseous chemical element
xenotime a yellowish-brown mineral
xeric very dry
xeroma abnormal dryness of a body part
xerox to photocopy
Xhosa a South African people or their language
xi a Greek letter
Xiang a dialect of Chinese
xiphoid sword-shaped
Xmas Christmas
xoanon a wooden image of a god
xography a photographic process
xu a Vietnamese unit of money
xylan a compound found in wood
xylary of or relating to xylem
xylem plant tissue
xylene a liquid hydrocarbon
xylite a volatile liquid
xylitol a chemical substance
xylol = xylene
xylose a plant sugar
xyrid a sedge-like herb
xyster a surgical instrument
xyston an ancient Greek spear
xystus an ancient Greek portico

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