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Oxford Dictionary apps

There are a number of Oxford Dictionaries and Thesauruses available as apps for mobile and other devices. These apps are created by our trusted partners, using Oxford’s quality content. Oxford Dictionary apps for iOS:Please note you can change your geographic location to view ...

Why do children need a children's dictionary?

Just as you might not give War and Peace to an 8 year old, giving them an adult dictionary, with complex definitions and phonetic symbols, is likely to be difficult to understand. Our children’s dictionaries are compiled specially for children – with age-appropriate entries that are not just abri...

Libraries and Institutions

Institutional subscriptions are available for each Oxford Dictionaries Premium language module: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish – and for the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). To purchase a subscription for your institution, please contact your s...

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